To achieve your online goals you must first have high quality images. We work with our clients to create click worthy photos for their brand to help grow their customer engagement. We are adventurers who are able to capture photos of you or your brand on the water, in the city or on top of a mountain.  No adventure too big or too small for Big Fish Creative.


Your Instagram account should be more about engaging with your followers more than the number of followers that you have. The goal isn't to reach the most amount of followers but the right ones.  We specialize in taking over our clients Instagram pages, revamping their bio's and creating amazing photos especially for their brand.  Stock images can be a useful tool in some cases but we focus on building real, current content that shows our clients followers what they are currently doing and telling a story about their brand.  Check out @fusionwellnessspa to see an example of our work.


Founder of Big Fish Creative Nora Moll is a part of a collective blog called Consciously Woman. Consciously Woman is a personal growth and connection community for extraordinary women.  We have come together to support, challenge, encourage, and ground each other into the creative and practical process of achieving our individual projects or goals. We are a collaborative feminine mastermind.


Short Videos

What better way to describe to your clients what your brand is all about than to show them in a video. Big Fish Creative owner Nora Moll studied Film at Concordia in Montreal and has a passion for film editing.  We can create you high quality promotional videos weather you are an artist a trades man or an adventure brand. We go wherever you go to capture stunning moments. 


As you are probably aware Facebook is always changing. We keep up with Facebooks changes to maximize your advertising dollars spent. We know that your time is limited so we do the research and the experimenting for you to help you reach millions of potential customers using Facebook Ads. Big Fish Creative will determine which types of ads will perform best for your audiences.


Some people miss the importance of LinkedIn and think that they don't need it but for growing businesses and entrepreneurs LinkedIn is key. LinkedIn is your online resume available to anyone at anytime.  It should be used as a tool to help create job leads and show your clients who you are in a more professional manner that Facebook. LinkedIn is ultimately a comprehensive personal branding resource. 


Content Creation

When Utilized correctly Content development is a powerful tool in helping businesses succeed in social media marketing. We have one of the best content creators on our team at Big Fish Creative  Learn more about Spela our content developer and SEO specialist on her instagram @spela.grasic or LinkedIn account.


In the world of Etsy Quality is key.  Users like Etsy because it is custom, one of a kind or handmade and each item ultimately tells a story.  We help Etsy businesses create stunning accounts that reflect their unique products by offering high quality images of them and their product.  Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone about it.  Let us help your clients find you.  Want to see an Etsy account that we created? check out Lilly n' Lace


Twitter and Pinterest are online platforms that are meant only for certain businesses.  Though Twitter isn't used much in Western Canada it is a tool that would be necessary for your brand if you were trying to reach the USA or Eastern Canada. To find out if Pinterest and Twitter would benefit your business click on the contact button on the top of the page.